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With our knowledge, experience and ethics

The lawyers of the law firm CHRISTODOULOU IOANNIS & PARTNERS ensure your effectively representation to criminal law and drug cases at all levels of the Criminal Hearings

In more detail, criminal law is a system of laws concerning punishment for those who commit crimes. Punishments vary depending on the severity of the offense - from a simple fine (eg for violating the Traffic Code) to life imprisonment (eg for intentional homicide).

In order to be found guilty, should be initiated criminal proceedings against the accused and ultimately the evidence should be sufficient to lead to a conviction.

Our lawyers with the knowledge, experience and morals always choose the best way of defending our clients.

In particular, in drug trafficking cases because the penalties provided for by law are severe and any false is enough to lead to unresolved problems, our intervention should be immediate and swiftly.

That is, from the first moment that the defendant is being held by the competent authorities, our group should be found next to him so that we can advise him and guide him at every stage of the process with sincerity and understanding.


The lawyers of the law firm CHRISTODOULOU IOANNIS & PARTNERS we know very well the local community of Rhodes, the legislation and we have experience from similar major cases of criminal law and drugs.