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The versatile divorce attorneys of the CHRISTODOULOU IOANNIS & PARTNERS in Rhodes know that family cases are often sensitive and require delicate handling


The emotional charge and the complexity of the problems that may have arisen in a marriage need special management and a human approach, in order not to leave mental residue on loved persons. In this way, the right conditions will be created for you to move on to the next step in your life.

In divorce cases, our lawyers are asked to deal with issues such as:

a) Custody, communication and alimony of the children, as well as spousal alimony, where we bring an action for custody and alimony but also we may submit an application for interim measures in which we request the situation to be temporarily regulated until a decision is issued on our action.


b) Fair allocation of property created after marriage (claim for participation in acquisitions).


c) Identification and recognition of paternity of children born inside or outside marriage.


d) Expulsion of one of the spouses from the family home, when cohabitation has become intolerable and dangerous for the rest of the family (request for interim measures for relocation, regulation of family housing).


The specialized divorce lawyers of our office can perceive the real moods of the 2 parties and propose appropriate solutions for the fastest possible resolution of a marriage.
Of course, we consider it our duty to stand by you, not only during the divorce, but also after the end of the process, helping to achieve the necessary normalization and balance between the relations of spouses and children