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By your side in all inheritance procedures

At the CHRISTODOULOU IOANNIS & PARTNERS law office, our team of lawyers always stands by you and informs you about the rights and obligations in inheritance law cases, both in Rhodes and in the rest of the Dodecanese.


As the heir of someone close to you, you have to deal not only with his loss but also with the serious issues of accepting or renouncing the inheritance. We stand by you, INFORM you of your rights and obligations and WE UNDERTAKE and COMPLETE your case.

  • The issuance of a certificate of inheritance.
  • Publication of a will.
  • The order of succession in intestate succession
  • How is calculated the right to a mandatory legal portion.
  • The imputation of granting and any contribution.
  • The research and valuation of inherited assets.
  • Financial obligations towards the state.
  • The possibility of accepting an inheritance with the benefit of the inventory or renunciation.
  • The judicial assertion of your inheritance rights against co-heirs.
  • Drafting and storage of a handwritten will.

All the above are the most likely issues you have to deal with in a succession case. We know that they have their peculiarity because they confront you with the interests of your relatives. We assert your rights and handle your case with our knowledge, experience and negotiation skills.